Summer is half over?!

Just like last summer it feels like the days are whizzing by instead of rolling through on a nice summer breeze. Oh wait, what breeze? The weather has been so damn hot lately I don’t want to go outside between 11am-4pm!

Black Forest Fire

Black Forest Fire

And unfortunately, just like last summer, Colorado Springs was all over the news due to a local wildfire. Talk about a heavy heart around here. The Black Forest Fire just north of town killed two people, burned 511 homes and 15,000+ acres. I love Black Forest. My husband and I actually got married out there at the Lodge at Cathedral Pines and it was beautiful. Fortunately, the lodge is still standing, but everything around it went up in 2,500 degree flames. We know one family who lives out there and their home is still standing and unscathed; however, that wouldn’t be the case if their neighborhood hadn’t heavily mitigated the brush, trees and landscaping around their homes—and it saved the neighborhood. Just across the way other homes weren’t so lucky. But they also didn’t mitigate.

View from our yard of the Black Forest Fire

View from our yard of the Black Forest Fire

Nothing but dirt, scorched pine trees and damaged foundations stand from what I hear. I haven’t been out there. Why bother. Let those mourning the loss of everything they held dear and knew be to themselves right now. No need for an outsider to go driving around to see what happened. I’m all too familiar due to the Waldo Canyon Fire last year.

Waldo Canyon Fire : June 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire : June 2012

The Waldo Canyon Fire last year sent dense, gray smoke into our neighborhood and thankfully we didn’t have to evacuate. Felt way to close for comfort though and I even made sure we had the necessary documents and some food for Chester ready to go in case the town decided to burn down. Which it started to when it burned all 346 homes in a matter of one evening. Just awful. I didn’t drive up to get close to see the area until about a month ago. And even then I didn’t drive up all that close. I could see the mountain side where the fire ran a marathon and the former pine trees turned to black toothpicks was enough for me. Tears puddled in my eyes so I turned around and went home.

Yup, Colorado Springs has had to crappy summers in a row with many people losing their homes and now four people have died.

I’m ready for fall damnit.

So what else has gone on? My husband’s been working on our deck. A glorious deck. We no longer have to take the dog out the front door, around the corner, through the gate (which doesn’t like to shut correctly) and then let him go in the backyard.

(Love the new gallery setting on this theme. To see bigger photos just click on each one and hover to see captions.)

I cannot tell you how excited I am have the deck done and sit out there on a Saturday morning. One of my favorite things each day, during nice weather, is to sit on the deck and watch my dog romp around the backyard each morning and evening. So peaceful, so quiet.

The deck is thisclose to finished now. Just a few more balusters and some stain and my husband will be officially done. Then comes what to put on the deck. I cannot tell you how much I have fretted over the cost of dining tables and chairs for a patio. So many are beautiful and they’re all so expensive I just can’t bring myself to spend the money. We might just make do this summer and tackle the matter next summer…once I have a full year to scour Pinterest for ideas and can truly make up my mind.

This weekend I’m off for four days. One holiday for the fourth and a vacation day for Friday. Definitely didn’t want to return to work for one stinkin’ day to finish off the week. Besides, no official vacation this year anywhere so I’m going to have a mini staycation at home.

How’s your summer going?


With Google Reader taking a poop come July 1st–if you haven’t moved your blogs from that site then get on it–I have decided to read all my blogs through BlogLovin. I’m also going to check out Feedly at some point; however, at this time they make you download their “site” to your computer and it’s not a site you can read the blogs from. Something like that, I don’t know, I just know I don’t care for their style at the moment.

Sooo, because of that I’m claiming my blog over on BlogLovin so I can view statistics and stuff. If you use BlogLovin and have a blog did you know you could do this? It’s super easy! The directions are simple and my brain didn’t crumb from internet lingo so I consider it a win. But the below link is what BlogLovin will search for and allow me to claim my blog, kind of odd but whatever.

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Other than that not much else is going on with me. I haven’t posted since I spilled my guts in March about my weight. Thank you so much to everyone who left a message, I appreciate all the encouraging words (even Jess’ swift kick in the pants-ha!).

Facing Truth

I stepped on the scale this past weekend and registered at 270lbs. I stared at the number, 2-7-0. Earlier in the week I was around 264 so I figured water retention or something but still, it was truth, my 5’5″ frame weighed that much. I’ve slipped back to 267, but still, that’s WAY off from where I should be. A good 100+lbs actually too high, but baby steps. I’ve had a whisper in my head for a year now to not ignore my health. This time last year I was living a healthier life, eating well, was 35lbs lighter and HAPPY with myself and the changes I was making. And then it all reversed course.

After I weighed myself I decided to do something I’ve never done before….I took a photo of myself like they do on The Biggest Loser*. I was disgusted. I didn’t realize, to a point, how I looked. When you’re uncomfortable with your body you avoid looking in mirror below boob-level. Now I know what I look like. I have it captured in lots of little pixels making up an image. I My lumps are on top of already not feeling the best. I get winded. I look pregnant. I have a large chest so when my stomach began to poke out farther I could have shopped in maternity for around the 5 months along mark. So depressing.

After sulking for a bit I picked up my phone and got on Twitter. I had recently seen Jessica Smith post about her latest walking workout video and I was interested. The last time I tried to Zumba a few months ago I was so winded and just felt like a dancing marshmallow man that I left feeling worse than when I started class. The video should arrive on my doorstep today–a full review to come so keep a look out!

Speaking of Jessica, I follow her over on PopSugar and last spring won a pair of adorable Fila compression pants and a tank top, which I need to now fit back into. I love all the content on her personal site and also over on PopSugar! If you’ve never visited either site I encourage you to go as they’re very helpful.

The weird thing is I know what it takes to lose weight, I just.don’ I also know I’m the one holding myself back. It’s not like I broke my back and can’t workout! I also can control what I put in my mouth and there are days where I feel like a crack addict but my choice of drug is junk food or candy. All choices I ignore and don’t make the right ones. One of those choices being I don’t go to the gym I pay for every month, yet I am debating on keeping it or not. I haven’t been in months. I hate the treadmill. The class schedules don’t usually work for me; either the class is before I can get there after work or later in the evening and that’s the time I want to be home and already enjoying time with my husband…who wants to be at the gym at 8pm? Not me. So I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t help I spend $62 a month to go to that place and I’m just wasting my money (by not going). I do love their weight section and if I can get back into weights I definitely need their heavier weights because while I may be out-of-shape weight and cardio wise I’m still a pretty strong gal.

But before I go, Jessica’s article on the emotional eating cycle is a good one to read. I need to remember to put the candy down and get out for a walk. Lord knows I live in a beautiful area and could use the fresh air!

What would you do? Give up the gym, save the money and give it a try at home? Or get back to the gym because home workouts tend to not work?

*That photo will never make its way to the internet. Ever. Even if I transform my body and look like Jessica Biel.

Disclaimer: Jessica Smith does not know who I am and I was not given free product, asked to write about her video or to do a review.

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I must…

Get off my ass on the weekends. I must! I don’t know if it’s because of the cold weather we’ve had but lately my weekends are not productive. And let’s not talk about during the week when I get home because I’ve been a slouch.

to-do list

This weekend I WILL do the following:

  • Make up a menu for the coming week
  • Declutter the bedroom of all my crap that prevents the room from feeling like a relaxing place–as a bedroom should be!
  • Go grocery shopping for healthy, non-prepackaged, foods – so I’m not tempted to eat out or not cook

I know that’s a short list but I’m going to try and be practical. I can’t go from lazy butt to Martha Stewart in a weekend. But then again I also don’t have a full staff of people to keep my house spotless like she does either—wonder when that woman last cleaned a toilet? Decades maybe? HA!

I’m going to report back on Monday and I will not tell a lie. This blog is not a place of false images. I hate blogs like that. They make you feel like you’re not accomplished, driven, motivated or all those other words that fill ones head when in fact that’s just not the case. I bet you know a blog like that. ::wink::

My number one problem, I get sidetracked. My husband calls it seeing squirrels syndrome. I start to go through a box and then the next thing you know I’m sitting down on the floor going through pictures and the rest is history. Or I find things I’ve forgotten I have, it’s like they’re new again! Ya get me?

However, if I find a fire is brewing under my butt and I do more, the weather will be amazing this weekend, then I will proudly toot my horn that I was productive.

Have a wonderful weekend folks. I can tell spring is on its way!

Do you have a good tip to share to keep me on track and **squirrel!!!**

Well hello 2013….and Sheldon Cooper

I almost forgot I had a blog. I couldn’t even remember my login and password. Good grief.

So how are ya? Wait, is anyone still around to read my ramblings? ::scratches head::  I wouldn’t blame someone for bailing on me. You can only have a blog and readers to talk to if you post to it! But then again I write for me first and foremost. That’s what “they” say any blogger should do, and I agree. Plus, in ten years I want to pull up the archives and have a good giggle at myself. However, connecting with readers who some become new friends is a close second. The friends I’ve made along the way is icing on the cake for me and I cherish the friendships I’ve made over the years from blogging. I love the internet!

If you Google who created the internet you get a shpeal about not one person alone is responsible, blah blah, but some professor sent the first transmission. Nope, I tell my husband that Sheldon Cooper created the internet. He’s my moon pie!

And this year I didn’t set up a resolution for myself. They never come to fruition. Let’s just say I posted for the first time in 2013 and I want to do it again real soon; however, I’m not promising myself I’ll post even once a week. I have Big Bang Theory reruns to keep up on after all!