Well hello 2013….and Sheldon Cooper

I almost forgot I had a blog. I couldn’t even remember my login and password. Good grief.

So how are ya? Wait, is anyone still around to read my ramblings? ::scratches head::  I wouldn’t blame someone for bailing on me. You can only have a blog and readers to talk to if you post to it! But then again I write for me first and foremost. That’s what “they” say any blogger should do, and I agree. Plus, in ten years I want to pull up the archives and have a good giggle at myself. However, connecting with readers who some become new friends is a close second. The friends I’ve made along the way is icing on the cake for me and I cherish the friendships I’ve made over the years from blogging. I love the internet!

If you Google who created the internet you get a shpeal about not one person alone is responsible, blah blah, but some professor sent the first transmission. Nope, I tell my husband that Sheldon Cooper created the internet. He’s my moon pie!

And this year I didn’t set up a resolution for myself. They never come to fruition. Let’s just say I posted for the first time in 2013 and I want to do it again real soon; however, I’m not promising myself I’ll post even once a week. I have Big Bang Theory reruns to keep up on after all!

2 thoughts on “Well hello 2013….and Sheldon Cooper

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