I must…

Get off my ass on the weekends. I must! I don’t know if it’s because of the cold weather we’ve had but lately my weekends are not productive. And let’s not talk about during the week when I get home because I’ve been a slouch.

to-do list

This weekend I WILL do the following:

  • Make up a menu for the coming week
  • Declutter the bedroom of all my crap that prevents the room from feeling like a relaxing place–as a bedroom should be!
  • Go grocery shopping for healthy, non-prepackaged, foods – so I’m not tempted to eat out or not cook

I know that’s a short list but I’m going to try and be practical. I can’t go from lazy butt to Martha Stewart in a weekend. But then again I also don’t have a full staff of people to keep my house spotless like she does either—wonder when that woman last cleaned a toilet? Decades maybe? HA!

I’m going to report back on Monday and I will not tell a lie. This blog is not a place of false images. I hate blogs like that. They make you feel like you’re not accomplished, driven, motivated or all those other words that fill ones head when in fact that’s just not the case. I bet you know a blog like that. ::wink::

My number one problem, I get sidetracked. My husband calls it seeing squirrels syndrome. I start to go through a box and then the next thing you know I’m sitting down on the floor going through pictures and the rest is history. Or I find things I’ve forgotten I have, it’s like they’re new again! Ya get me?

However, if I find a fire is brewing under my butt and I do more, the weather will be amazing this weekend, then I will proudly toot my horn that I was productive.

Have a wonderful weekend folks. I can tell spring is on its way!

Do you have a good tip to share to keep me on track and **squirrel!!!**

2 thoughts on “I must…

  1. although your to-do list only had three items on it, those three things were serious! none of them are quick tasks. better luck next weekend!

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