With Google Reader taking a poop come July 1st–if you haven’t moved your blogs from that site then get on it–I have decided to read all my blogs through BlogLovin. I’m also going to check out Feedly at some point; however, at this time they make you download their “site” to your computer and it’s not a site you can read the blogs from. Something like that, I don’t know, I just know I don’t care for their style at the moment.

Sooo, because of that I’m claiming my blog over on BlogLovin so I can view statistics and stuff. If you use BlogLovin and have a blog did you know you could do this? It’s super easy! The directions are simple and my brain didn’t crumb from internet lingo so I consider it a win. But the below link is what BlogLovin will search for and allow me to claim my blog, kind of odd but whatever.

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Other than that not much else is going on with me. I haven’t posted since I spilled my guts in March about my weight. Thank you so much to everyone who left a message, I appreciate all the encouraging words (even Jess’ swift kick in the pants-ha!).

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