Hello and welcome! My name is Sara and I live in southwest Colorado with my husband, Jon, and our border collie mix, Jules. We moved to the area in the fall of 2014 and love the quiet of rural, small-town living immensely! All this time the house looked like the previous owners packed up, moved out, and we brought in our stuff and nothing has changed since. I barely have much up on the walls at this point. I know, so drab and no personality! While some projects have happened outside in the yard, nothing has changed inside and we’re ready to get with it. It’s time we make it our home and not just our house.

A little more backstory, Jon and I married in 2010 and lived on the Front Range of Colorado in our first home for five years. We gave that home some love with improvements and a major backyard overhaul that I still miss. Prior to that home, and during the early years of our relationship, we happily lived in a small, 500 square foot duplex, that in a previous life was a stone school house built in 1891. Info and photos about our two previous homes to come!

A small joke around out house is that Jon is the contractor and I’m the project manager when it comes to projects in/around our home. He’s skilled with home reno projects and maintenance, but anything involving blogs/social media or decorating he’s hands off. If it were up to him we’d paint all the trim in our house one shade darker than John Deere green. I’m not kidding. I’ve seen it in that duplex he lived in before I moved in! But in all seriousness, there’s no way we’d be able to afford most of the projects for our home if it weren’t for his knowledge and skills.

Why a blog?

I’ve blogged off and on since 2005 (hello now defunct MSN Spaces!) and have always enjoyed it. I decided to jump back into it to document the projects around our home as a fun little hobby. Plus, our families live far away and either have never been able to visit, or rarely get a chance to come out, so this allows them to keep up with the fun!

Where did Sunflower & Spruce come from?

I’m from Kansas and Jon is from Colorado. Kansas is known for its….wheat. But Wheat & Spruce doesn’t have quite the ring to it now does it? ha! But Kansas is also known as “The Sunflower State” annnnd I carried gorgeous sunflowers in my wedding bouquet so they have a special place in my heart. Meanwhile, Colorado is known for their gorgeous blue spruce here in the Rocky Mountains. So there you have it!